“Ride Romania” gives you the unique chance to experience the true freedom of enduro riding in the heart of wild and spectacular Transylvania, and discover it’s places, traditions, history and people! From the relaxed trips of the back-country roads to the challenging trails of the tight mountain forests, we can provide everything you need to make your adventure dreams come true.

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“Welcome to enduro heaven!!!”
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    We are born and raised in this wonderful land that we are so proud to call “home”. Being locals is our advantage of knowing all the secrets of the area and this combined with our many years of  enduro riding recommend us as the perfect guides for the perfect enduro tour in Romania.

    We are so lucky to have here the perfect terrain for every type of enduro riding and our passion for this sport  is surpassed only by our respect for the environment that offers us this unique feeling of freedom.

    From hobby to expert, soft enduro to hard enduro, our guided enduro tours is the safest and most relaxed way for you to discover the best trails and tracks of Transylvania that will take you to places of rare beauty, unseen wilderness and unmatched history.

    Our enduro tours at a glance:

  1. difficulty levels - according to your skills

  2. 2017-2018 enduro motorcycles for rent

  3. 90 % not rocky terrain

  4. full time guidance - including riding tips

  5. mechanic for technical assistance and 4x4 vehicle for emergency intervention

  6. accommodation - according to your wishes -  4 stars Hotel or even a rustic guest house

  7. guided tour of the Sighisoara Medieval Citadel

  8. traditional all-natural food

  9. photo & video memories

DRACULA Adventure TourDRACULA_ADVENTURE_TOUR_Ride_Romania_enduro_tours_Romania_motorcycle_tours_Transylvania_soft_enduro_to_hard_enduro.html
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READ MOREENDURO_HEAVEN_TOUR_Ride_Romania_enduro_tours_Romania_motorcycle_tours_Transylvania_soft_enduro_to_hard_enduro.html
READ MOREMEDIEVAL_ADVENTURE_TOUR_Ride_Romania_enduro_tours_Romania_motorcycle_tours_Transylvania_soft_enduro_to_hard_enduro.html


Get ready for adventure !!!

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