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Useful information for people

traveling to Romania

Romania is part of the European Union:

  1. citizens from European Union countries need only the identity card, citizens from other countries need passport.

Medical insurance:

  1. for all enduro riders, a valid medical insurance for sport activities is mandatory.


Romanian currency is RON and the average exchange rate is:

  1. 1 EUR - 4,6 RON

  2. 1 Dollar - 3,9 RON

  3. 1 GBP - 5,2 RON

Because the exchange rate is very low at the airport exchange offices, we advice you to change your money at the bank.

Time zone:

Romanian time zone is + 2 GMT

Distances to main airports (click for link)

  1. Transylvania Airport Targu Mures - 68 Km (42 miles)

  2. Sibiu International Airport - 95 Km (59 miles)

  3. Cluj-Napoca International Airport - 157 Km (97 miles)

  4. Bucharest Otopeni International Airport - 280 Km (174 miles)

  5. Bucharest Baneasa International Airport - 290 Km (180 miles)