We are based in Sighisoara, right in the heart of Transylvania, one of the most known areas of Romania due to it’s rich history, amazing natural beauty and untouched wilderness.

    From the open green plains, sloping hills and valleys, vast forests, steep paths, rocky mountain trails and amazing alpine fields, Romania is a country blessed by nature with all the landforms. Favorised by the most diverse terrain and a great climate, Transylvania is currently the best location for enduro riding in Europe, making it the home of the toughest enduro rally in the world, the RedBull Romaniacs.

    Sighisoara is the most beautiful little-town in Romania, also called “The Pearl of Transylvania” and worldwide famous for being the only still inhabited medieval citadel in Europe and the birth place of the mystical ruler Vlad Dracul, better known as Dracula.

Actually this will be your bonus

trip experience: a free guided

tour of the citadel will be included

in our services, giving you the

unique chance to discover this

captivating place.

    Discovering the romanian traditions will be another aspect of our adventure. Our trips will take you through the small, stuck-in-time old villages where people still live in harmony with nature and where you can taste the traditional romanian cuisine and homemade delights.

    During our rural adventures you will also discover wonderful historical places like small medieval citadels and ancient churches that will shade our breaks and charm our eyes with their amazing architecture.

    So you are welcome to the “enduro heaven” of Europe, a place that we want to share with you completely driven by one goal: to offer you the quality of service that we would expect to be offered to us, considering the heart&soul enduro riders that we are. LET’S RIDE !!!

    And because memories are the true fortune of our lives,  we will make sure that all the great moments of your adventure will be kept alive by as many photos and videos that we can capture while guiding you.

    Either you are a beginner or an expert rider, a soft enduro enthusiast or a hard enduro fanatic, we will provide you with the exact conditions needed to fulfill your demands and expectations. Wilderness and superb landscapes will accompany us in our adventure through perhaps one of the last countries in Europe where freedom of riding is still at home.



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